Built in glass ceramic induction hob Guzzanti GZ 8406

max w
Energy input 7000W
varna deska
4 cooking zones (2x duozone)


  • 4 cooking zones (2x duozone)
  • Touch controls -slider
  • Power rating: 220 - 240V, 50Hz
  • BOOSTER of all cooking zones
  • Energy input 7000W
    • Left back zone 1500/2000W
    • Left front zone 2000/2600W
    • FLEX ZONE 3000/3500W
    • Right back zone 2000/3000W
    • Right front zone 1500/2000W
    • FLEX ZONE 3000/3500W
  • 9 output levels
  • Timer 1 - 99 min.
  • Hot surface indicator
  • Controls lock
  • Security automatic switching off
  • Cooking zones
    • Left back cooking zone 180mm
    • Left front cooking zone 180mm
    • Right back cooking zone 180mm
    • Right front cooking zone 180mm
  • Power cord length - 1,2m
  • Accessories: cleaning scraper
Model GZ 8406
EAN 8594186720101
Dimensions (H x W x D) 6,2 x 59 x 52 cm
Weight 8,5 kg
Packing dims. (H x W x D) 11,5 x 65 x 56 cm
Packing weight 10,1 kg
Built in dimensions 56 x 49 cm
Max. power consumption 7000 W


dotykove ovladani slider

Touch controls slider

Enables easy and continuous regulation of power by mere finger move on the control panel.



Function for fast warming-up, for a short time increases power of the highest cooking level of the selected zone Useful for e.g. fast bringing water to the boiling point.


Flex zone

Interconnecting the cooking zones there appears a dimensional cooking zone, which will fit exactly to the shape of your cooking ware, regardless if big or small, rounded or square.

detska pojistka

Controls lock

Enables to lock controls against unwanted use (e.g. against accidental activation of the cooking zone by children).

automaticke vypinani

Security automatic switching off

At the moment a cookware is removed from the cooking zone, the hub stops and will automatically switch off after 2 minutes.



can be used in two ways.

  1. Use as a minute-timer - after elapsed set up time sounds an acustical signal, however the cooking zone is not switched off.
  2. Cooking zone switch off - after elapsed set up time the selected cooking zone will be switched off.

The timer's range is 99 minutes.